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Uniform 1


At Pegasus Academy, we believe all learners should be proud to wear their uniform and respect our academy uniform policy. All of our main Academy uniform is available to buy from A.Oaks Ltd school uniform supplier, based at 30 Churchill Shopping Centre, Dudley, DY2 7BL.


  • Learners must wear their tie at all times.
  • The tie must be kept in good condition with no pulls or graffiti and with no accessories attached (such as hair grips).


  • Learners must wear their academy blazer at all times when in the school building with the exception of break/lunch when they are permitted to remove the blazer if they obtain permission from a member of staff.
  • Learners are not permitted to wear a jumper or a cardigan under their blazer. · Learners must not wear their blazer with rolled up or pushed up sleeves.

Skirts and trousers

  • Learner must only wear black trousers or skirts.
  • Trousers should be tailored (not stretch) and full length.
  • If a learner wears a skirt it must reach at least the top of the knee at all times including when walking (it is unacceptable for the skirt only to be the correct length if the learner pulls it down.
  • A variety of skirt styles are permitted within school including pleats, A-line and pencil.
  • Leggings, denim and jeans are not permitted.
  • Learners may wear a plain black Shalwar Kameze.


  • Learners must wear a white shirt under their blazer.
  • Both long and short sleeved shirts are permitted.
  • The shirt must be long enough to be tucked into the trousers or skirt.
  • The shirt must be tucked into the trousers or skirt all the way round the waist at all times.
  • The shirt must be buttoned up to the collar at all times with the tie clipped on.
  • Long sleeved and/or coloured t-shirts must not be worn under your school shirt.


  • Learners are required to wear formal, smart, black leather or patent shoes to school.
  • Learners are not permitted to wear trainers. This includes black leather trainers including those without markings.
  • School shoes should have no visible branding (whether the branding is in a different colour or black) including Nike tickets or sporting logos.
  • If you choose to wear black ballet pumps, these should be plain black without any accessories such as studs.
  • Boots are not acceptable (a boot is defined as anything that touches or comes above the ankle bone).


  • Belts must be black with plain buckles.
  • Decorative buckles of any description will not be accepted.


  • Hair accessories such as bows, flowers and wide bands are not permitted however; thin Alice bands can be worn.
  • Only natural hair coloured dyes are permitted.
  • Hair should be no shorter than a grade 1 and no design lines/ patterns are allowed.
  • Plain black head scarf (if worn).


  • No make-up is allowed unless to conceal a skin complaint/condition. It this instance learners are permitted to wear subtle skin make-up such as foundation, tinted moisturiser or concealer.
  • Skin make-up will not be considered as subtle if it leaves a mark on the collar of the shirt.


  • Learners are not permitted to wear nail varnish.
  • Acrylic or false nails must be removed for school.


  • Jewellery is limited to the following.
    • One small ring of religious significance only and a note from a parent/carer is needed in the planner.
    • One small, plain, metal stud in each ear, preferably in the lobe.
    • A watch.
  • No facial piercings, such as nose studs, are permitted.
  • Stretcher-style piercings are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • No jewellery is permitted to be worn at all for PE lessons.
  • If a learner is required to wear jewellery for medical reasons, suitable medical evidence must be provided to the academy.

Outer wear

  • We prefer outdoor coats to be as dark and plain as possible and for any logo to be as small as possible. Denim/leather jackets, tracksuit tops, sweatshirts and hoodies are not to be brought into school.
  • School bag – we prefer bags to be as dark and plain as possible and for any logo to be as small as possible. Bags should be suitable for carrying folders, textbooks and PE kit, backpacks are advised.


We are excited to introduce our new PE kit supplier, Surridge Sport. PE kit will be available to order from Monday 5th August 2019.

Order online: shop-landing-page-search, and search for Pegasus Academy.

Order by telephone: 01282 418 418

Orders will be delivered free of charge to your academy or to your home address for a small fee.

Required Items

  • Polo shirt (£7.50)
  • Shorts (£6.00)
  • Socks*

Additional items are available to purchase but are not compulsory.

A sizing guide can be found on the Surridge Sport website and samples are available within the academy at the beginning of the year for your child to try.

We encourage all learners to wear the new PE kit from September 2019 if they are able to do so, but accept that some learners will have purchased PE kit in 2018/19 and this will suffice during our transition year.

*Socks (compulsory) and other optional items can be purchased from Surridge Sport. Other suppliers are acceptable. Please note that socks or any other optional items must be plain black.