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Upgrade Mission

During September, the Trust extends the academy day for all Year 11 learners. This is known as our Upgrade Mission. The Upgrade Mission is an initiative that has been designed to support all of our Year 11 learners and prepare them for their forthcoming GCSE examinations. We are very proud of the impact Upgrade sessions have on improving our learners’ grades.

The first phase extends the academy day by one period on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 15:00 – 16:00 and places focus on all subject areas throughout the course of the academic year.  These sessions help to ensure that all our Year 11 learners achieve the best possible results in their examinations.

Phase two of the extended academy day is implemented after February half term. This includes extending the day further on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by an additional 45 minutes to further support our Year 11 learners.

The Year 11 Upgrade programme demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to providing the best support possible for Year 11 learners so that they can thrive in their summer examinations and move on to positive post-16 destinations.

Important: A parent/ carer letter is sent each year prior to the implementation of Upgrade.