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Our Trust

Being a member of Dudley Academies Trust gives us many advantages that other schools may not have.

The Trust is a large and well-resourced local organisation that is committed to excellence in education. The expertise and ready availability of the Trust's Central Team enables us to access a comprehensive support programme for all teaching and non-teaching activities. At the same time, school leaders and teaching staff are supported by the Trust's senior leadership and teaching directors.

 As part of Dudley Academies Trust, we benefit from: 

  • Support from a team of subject directors and subject coaches – teachers who are experts in their subjects and who work with our teachers and your children. 

  • Help with recruiting exceptional teaching and support staff. 

  • Shared best practice in the classroom.  

  • Highly effective learner support, in and out of the classroom, with an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. 

  • A focus on personal development as well as results, with an excellent Careers programme and a wide range of activities designed to develop learners’ talents and to build self-belief. 

  • Large-scale investment in our buildings, IT and facilities. 

  • The latest available learning technologies.  

  • A tried and tested model of how to ensure positive behaviour and motivate learners through Values Driven Expectations.

  • A data system that gives teachers an exact picture of how each pupil is progressing.

  • The resources and expertise of Dudley College of Technology.