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Year 7 at Pegasus

A special Year 7: our Literacy for Life programme (L4L)

Literacy for Life is a special feature of our academy. It acts as a bridge between the two school systems, helping your child to make a success of secondary education and a great start in life.

Here are some of the things that make L4L special:

  • It’s run by a small team of teachers who really get to know the learners and how to help them progress
  • It teaches skills that learners can use across all of the different subjects – skills that they will use for many years to come
  • It tracks the progress of each individual learner, so that teachers can give you an exact picture of how your child is getting on
  • It gives children an enthusiasm for learning by teaching a series of interesting ‘themes’ or topics that children can relate to
  • It uses an artificial intelligence programme to help children achieve their best in all aspects of literacy.

So, how does L4L work? It’s the themes that are the key. Themes include such topics as Planets, Journeys, Robots, and Water. While studying each of these themes, your child will be getting to grips with skills such as reading, writing, understanding, mathematics, oracy (speaking confidently and expressively) and the use of technology. Literacy, the most important skill of all, is reinforced at every stage of the programme, with Year 10 students helping to run Book Clubs.

We believe that L4L sets us apart from other schools and sets up our learners to succeed in the future.