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  • Chief Executive Update – GCSE Results 2020

    Published 24/08/20

    Real progress at all four secondary academies in Dudley Academies Trust

    Date: Monday 24th August 2020

    Statement from Jo Higgins, Chief Executive of Dudley Academies Trust.

    “I am delighted with the progress shown in these encouraging and rewarding results and delighted for our learners.

    Their results are not only a massive improvement on last year, but a clear indication that standards of Teaching & Learning in our academies have leapt forward. It is also great news for our staff and I want to send a big ‘thank you’ to all of them.

    Our learners have made improved progress in real terms, and I am confident that we will see improved results again next year. We can say to parents that if their children come to one of our academies, they will have every opportunity to excel.”

    Jo is adamant that the Trust’s academies have made undeniable progress. “There has been much talk about grade inflation this year. The Trust has a proven model for predicting GCSE grades which enables us to be certain about the overall accuracy of our results. I was delighted to see that our teacher-assessed grades have been significantly raised by the examination boards. This is proof of the robust and realistic approach that we took to assessing our learners. All of the grades our learners achieved are the grades they deserved and the improvements shown by our academies are all real improvements.

    If schools league tables were being published for 2020, I am sure that our academies would have moved up significantly.”

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  • End of Year Awards 2020

    Published 20/07/20

    Here at Pegasus Academy one of our Core Values is Rewarding Effort. Every year we hold an End of Year Awards Evening where we recognise the outstanding achievement of our Learners. Obviously this year we have been unable to hold this evening in person so we have created a 'Virtual' awards evening which can be seen below to ensure that we are still able to Reward the effort of our learners!





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  • Message From The Principal

    Published 17/07/20

    Dear Parent/Carer

    September Re-opening

    After an incredibly strange year myself and all Pegasus staff are excited about welcoming your child back full time to the Academy in September. We have been working hard to ensure we meet current government guidelines for re-opening and would like to reassure you that your child’s safety is a main consideration on their return to school.  We know that you and your child may feel anxious for many different reasons, which is why we have a full induction programme planned in the first week of September, including staggered start and end times and by returning learners to the Academy one-year group at a time, on different days, until the school is full. The start dates and times for your child’s year group can be seen below:


    Year Group

    Years groups in school

    Start time

    End time


    Tues 1 Sept

    Staff Training Day

    Wed 2 Sept

    Yr 11 Induction

    11 only



    Main Entrance

    Thurs 3 Sept

    Yr 7 Induction

    7 & 11



    Learner Entrance

    Fri 4 Sept

    Yr 10 Induction

    7,10 & 11



    Main Entrance

    Mon 7 Sept

    Yr 9 Induction

    7,9,10 &11



    Learner Entrance

    Tues 8 Sept

    Yr 8 Induction




    Learner Entrance

    Wed 9 Sept

    All learners in the Academy and the ‘normal’ timetable starts

    Senior staff will be on the gates to welcome learners and direct them to their year group base. Your child will be expected to wear full school uniform.  Any learner who has ordered a blazer from Oakes that has been delivered to school will receive this on their first day, along with Year 7 and 11 receiving their free school ties. Can I remind you that blazers must be ordered no later than Friday 21 August 2020. Details for ordering uniform and PE kit can be found on our school website.

    Due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in and to avoid the sharing of equipment, we have taken the decision to provide the vast majority of your child’s essential stationary, including pens, pencils, highlighters, a ruler and glue stick. These will be given to your child on the first day along with their planner. We would be grateful though if you could provide a scientific calculator for your child to use.

    As further government updates come in over the summer holidays, plans may be subject to change. To keep up to date with any changes please regularly visit our school website or follow us on social media. We will also be sending out a final update towards the end of the holiday and publish our reopening plans and risk assessment in full.

    I would like to thank you all for your support this year and wish you a safe and restful summer.

    Yours faithfully

    Andy Landers


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  • 2020 - 2021 Student Presidents

    Published 16/07/20

    We are excited to introduce our new Student Presidents for 2020-21. Well done to Charmaine and Robert.




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  • Year 11 Prom Update - Postponed

    Published 20/05/20

    Dear Parent/Carer and Year 11 Learners

    I hope that everybody is safe and well and coping the best they can during this difficult period.

    We have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Year 11 Prom, which was scheduled for Friday 3rd July 2020, due to the current and continuing issues surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic. Whilst we are disappointed that we have had to make this decision, it is not all that unexpected. By making this decision now it allows parents to cancel bookings that have been made.

    We would still like to hold a large celebration event for the year group at some point in the autumn term if government advice allows, hoping that some of the restrictions for social distancing will have been loosened by then.

    We will keep any money paid to date towards the celebration event in the autumn, of course, should learners decide that they do not wish to attend then we will organise refunds once the academy is re-open.

    To celebrate your time at Pegasus you are now able to get your leavers hoodie at These can be ordered online for just £14.

    I thank you for your continued support at this time, which is difficult for everyone connected with the academy.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr A Landers, Principal

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  • Year 6 Transition Hub

    Published 28/04/20

    We understand that you will be very concerned regarding your child’s transition from Year 6 to Year 7 during these unprecedented times. Please feel reassured that we are liaising with your child’s primary school to get all of the relevant information that we can in order to make the transition process as smooth as possible for both them and you.  We have now launched our Transition Hub to help with this. Check it out for all the latest information and a welcome letter from Mr Landers!



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  • Message from Ofqual for GCSE learners this summer

    Published 27/04/20

    Since the Government announced that the 2020 GCSE exam series in England would be cancelled, the government have worked at speed to develop a process which fairly recognises learners’ work and makes sure they get their grades in time to progress. Follow the link below to view an open letter to learners who were expecting to be taking their exams this summer.

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  • Chester Zoo - Virtual Tour!

    Published 09/04/20

    Another great activity for our learners to get involved with over the Easter Holidays!

    Since you can’t go to the zoo right now, Chester Zoo are bringing the  ZOO  to YOU!

    They are opening their VIRTUAL GATES for the THIRD time!

    On Friday 10 April, you are invited to JOIN THE FUN, as they take you on virtual tour of the zoo for a whole day of ANIMAL ANTICS, fun facts, and exclusive behind the scenes knowledge from their AMAZING zoo keeper team!

    10:00 – 10:20  |  Tree kangaroos (yes, that’s right, kangaroos that live in trees!)
    11:00 – 11:20  |  Asiatic lions
    12:00 – 12:20  |  Komodo dragons (the world’s largest lizards)
    13:00 – 13:20  |  Lemurs of Madagascar
    14:00 – 14:20  |  Mr Parson’s the chameleon (star of The Secret Life of the Zoo)
    15:00 – 15:20  |  NEW penguin chicks




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  • Year 11 Examinations – Latest Guidance

    Published 24/03/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 
    We are currently considering the implications of the new stricter measures announced yesterday by the Prime Minister but wanted to write to inform you of the current DfE guidance regarding Year 11 examinations. Latest information from both OfQual and the examination boards indicate that a range of information will be considered and I would like to reassure our young people that we are committed to making sure they are not disadvantaged in any way. 

    The link to the government’s recent statement on how grades will be awarded can be found below, however I feel it might be useful to summarise the key points. 

    • Teachers will be asked to make a judgement on the grade they feel learners would have achieved if they had sat the examinations and completed the course as normal. This judgement will be based on a wide range of evidence not just on recent mock examinations and can include evidence from classwork, homework and in class tests. This may mean that the grade a teacher predicted on previous reports may differ from the final grade they suggest should be awarded. Teachers will do everything to ensure learners are awarded the grades they were on track to achieve.
    • Examination Boards hope to inform learners of the grades they have been awarded earlier than normal at the end of July.
    • An appeals process will be available to learners who feel the grade awarded does not reflect what they would have achieved if they had sat the exam as normal but as of yet I have no information on how this process will work.
    • Learners will be awarded full GCSE and Cambridge national (CNAT) qualifications and will receive certificates as normal.
    • Although full qualifications will be awarded, there will be the opportunity, if learners wish, to sit exams in subjects at some point from September 2020 onwards if they feel they could have done better.  

    What young people need to do now? 

    • The most important thing is for learners not to give up on their studies to ensure that they haven’t taken a backwards step when they start college in September. It is particularly important that they maintain high standards of English and mathematics as these are examinations they may want to consider taking in September. They should also be continuing their studies of any subject relating to their proposed post 16 pathway.
    • Any coursework that learners have been asked to complete at home for subjects is now vital as we now know this will be used to inform their final grades. This should be emailed to either your teacher or
    • It is vital that learners keep and eventually return any books, mock examination papers, assessment materials and home learner so it can be called upon as evidence if necessary. Staff are on hand to answer any subject specific questions from parents/carers but can I ask that teachers are not contacted about suggested grades. Teachers are working with learners, not against them. We always have the best interests of our learners at heart and need time to reflect on the wealth of evidence they have before making their final judgement.  

    We will be in touch with further updates as we get them. In the meantime, stay safe and continue to follow guidance from the government and NHS. 
    Yours faithfully 
    Mr A.P Landers


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  • COVID-19 Update - 17th March

    Published 17/03/20

    Dear Parents/ Carers

    Re: Coronavirus update (COVID-19) #2

    Following the letter dated 16/03/20 regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will aim to provide regular updates regarding actions taken to ensure the health and safety of all our staff and learners. Each Principal will provide a personalised daily update which will be accessible via the academy website at the end of each day.

    Vulnerable groups

    Given the significant challenge posed by COVID-19, we fully support you in the judgment you make about your child’s health and whether you decide that your child should attend the academy. If your child has a temperature and/or a new, persistent cough, then the guidance is that your child should remain at home. Similarly, if anyone in your household has these symptoms then the guidance is that all members of the household should self-isolate for fourteen days. We are asking everyone to be particularly careful to support any learners who are in a vulnerable groups relating to Type 1 Diabetes, lower levels of immunity or if they are asthmatic or any learners who have siblings and household members in the vulnerable group. The very latest health guidelines can be found via the following link to the NHS website:

    Cleanliness of our Estates

    I can personally reassure you that each of our academies have plenty of stock onsite to replenish soap, toilet roll and other necessities as required. When stock is running low we encourage learners and staff to report it so that it can be addressed immediately. Our site teams are working hard to ensure that estates are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. All staff have been asked to remain vigilant regarding health and safety matters on site.

    In case of closure – How will I be informed?

    If a decision is made by the government to close schools we will act immediately. Parents and carers will be informed via a text message home and an update added to the academy and Trust website. Should any parent/carer be unable to collect their child, learners will be contained on site until they are available to do so.

    In case of closure – How will my child access online resources?

    Learners have been reminded of how to access their online learning platforms and the passwords they use. Each academy will have a different approach to accessing online resources, which will be made available imminently for those learners who are in self-isolation. We are also keen for learners engaging in distance learning to have a structure to their day: As far as possible, they should try to cover their timetabled subjects each day with a particular emphasis on English, mathematics and science. They should also take regular breaks, eat healthily and arrange to talk to friends over the phone where appropriate. We will continue to incentivise the use of Hegarty and Century by tracking learners’ usage and keeping everyone updated on our Century and Hegarty learners’ leaders’ boards.


    We are a community and as per our value, respecting each other and our world, we support our staff, learners and parents and carers. Should you require any further guidance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance for your support and patience at this time.

    Yours faithfully,

    Jo Higgins
    Chief Executive

    Please see below to download a full copy of this letter.

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  • COVID-19 Update - 16th March

    Published 16/03/20

    Dear Parents/ Carers

    Re: Coronavirus update (COVID-19)

    As you are aware the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus is resulting in changes to how organisations operate and as a result, I have taken the decision to make the following changes to our procedures over the forthcoming weeks. As from today, Monday 16th March, the following procedures will apply:

    • All external school meetings involving visitors to the academy will be cancelled and will be conducted by telephone (with the exception of safeguarding matters).
    • The Senior Leadership Team will conduct any pre-arranged parental meeting by telephone, as opposed to face to face.
    • All parents’ evenings will be cancelled and feedback for parents will be sent by other means, as soon as possible.
    • Reception will be closed to all external visitors, including parents. Any contact with the academy will need to be conducted via email or telephone.
    • All sporting fixtures and trips will be cancelled.
    • All external lettings of school facilities will be cancelled.

    These measures are not intended to cause any panic but are simply to minimise the risk of infection and safeguard both the staff and learners of our academies. The focus over the forthcoming weeks is the smooth running of our schools.

    In common with all other schools in England, all of the academies within Dudley Academies Trust will continue to follow the guidance from Public Health England and the Department for Education. The current advice, as of Friday 13th March 2020, is that any learner who has a temperature or persistent cough should self-isolate for 7 days. The school will authorise all absences that should arise as a result of this. We shall continue to publish government advice on our websites. The very latest health guidelines can be found via the following link to the NHS website:

    It is important that the education of our learners is not disrupted and that we are able to operate as normal for as long as possible. However, contingency plans are already in place for continuing your children’s studies should the academy be asked to close, and we will keep you updated of any further guidance received.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Yours faithfully
    Jo Higgins
    Chief Executive

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  • Dudley College Open Day (14th March)

    Published 04/03/20

    On Saturday 14th March 2020 our sponsor Dudley College will be holding an open day. We would like to encourage our students to attend to find out the wide range of courses that are on offer including A Levels, Vocational Courses and Apprenticeships. This day is perfect to help you explore your career choices. There will be industry specialists at all campuses available to discuss your ideal career. For more information please click here or speak to Mrs Turton at the Academy. 

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