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Q&A / Useful links

Below you will find some useful questions and answers about life here at Pegasus Academy as well as some other links to help you discover more!

How do you make year 6 learners feel welcome?

Year 6 learners who are coming to Pegasus spend time with us at the end of the summer term so that they can meet their classmates and teachers, experience some real lessons and join in some fun activities. When they arrive here in September, they will be part of a special system we call L4L (Literacy for Life). It's quite like being at primary school, with each class having the same teachers for nearly all of the lessons. Learners quickly feel at home with people they know and teachers they trust.

What if my child needs extra support?

Here at Pegasus we are fortunate to have an experienced, stable and very much 'hands on' pastoral team who are dedicated to ensuring that all learners are supported to reach their full potential.

The variety of support offered to the learners and their families ensures that any barriers to learning are removed. The team enjoy seeing learners succeed both academically and emotionally, with the long term aim being that our learners develop into well rounded young people who can move on to offer a positive contribution to our society.

The additional support for young people with SEN will be provided through a graduated response, providing a level of support which will enable the young person to make progress. The provision will be identified and arranged by the SENCO (Miss Anslow) but will be planned and delivered by teaching and support staff.


How is good behaviour maintained? 

Positive behaviour is promoted at Pegasus through the use of the Values Driven Expectations. At the heart of this are our five core values

  • Dreaming big
  • Rewarding effort
  • Leading together
  • Respecting each other and our world
  • Learning that inspires

Key to this policy is the learners planner which is used to record lots of information and is designed to be a contact between school and home.

With the principal of 'catching them doing it right' all staff set high standards. It is easy to be successful at Pegasus, and when learners are that comes with many different rewards.

The sanctions for making the wrong behaviour choices are clear, proportionate and fair.

Pegasus strives to work collaboratively with all  parents/carers (and all stakeholders) to support learners to be the best that they can be.

What sports are played at the Academy?

We offer a range of sports in PE and they are rotated depending on the time of the year. They are Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Handball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Gymnastics, Rounders, Cricket, Soft-ball, Fitness and Dance.

We also run a number of different clubs including Football, Netball, Basketball, Rounders, Athletics, Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance and Drama.