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Why study History?

History is the study of past cultures examining the political, economic and social impacts of key events. The subject develops strong analytical and writing skills through the study of sources, interpretations and information.

What will I learn?

Year 9 - Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day

This thematic study will enable students to gain an understanding of how medicine and public health developed in Britain over a long period of time. Pupils will study; Medieval medicine, the Renaissance, impact of the Industrial Revolution of medicine and Modern medicine in the 20th and 21st Century.

Year 9/10 - Conflict and tension, 1894–1918

This wider world depth study enables students to understand the complex and diverse interests of the Great Powers and the causes, nature and conclusion of the First World War. Pupils will study; the long term and short term causes of the War, why there was a stalemate and fighting on the Western Front, key battles on other fronts and how the war ended.

Year 10 - Germany, 1890–1945: Democracy and dictatorship

This period study focuses on the development of Germany during a time of change. It was a period where Germany saw the development and collapse of democracy and the rise and fall of Nazism. Pupils will study; the impact of the First World War on Germany and the early problems of the Weimar Government, the impact of the Wall Street Crash on Germany, the rise of Hitler’s dictatorship and life under the Nazis.

Year 11 – Norman England, c.1066-1100

This in depth study focuses on the arrival of the Normans and the establishment of their rule in England. Pupils will study; the conquest of 1066 including the key battles, life under the Normans, the Norman church and importance of religion. The final part of this unit is the historical environment which is worth 10% of the overall course. Students will be examined on a specific site in depth. This site will change annually but will relate to the content of the rest of this depth study e.g. a Norman Cathedral, Castles or towns.

How will I be assessed?

This is a GCSE qualification and is graded from 9 to 1. This qualification is 100% examination sat at the end of Year 11.

Four key skills will be tested in two exams.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the time period

  • Explanations of cause, consequences, change and significance

  • Analysis of primary sources

  • Analysis of interpretations

What can I do after I’ve completed the course?

History GCSE helps demonstrate a high literacy level, critical thinking skills and independent learners that appeal to a wide range of employers and colleges. These skills can be applied to a range of A-Levels including psychology, politics, engineering and law.

For more information please contact Mr Sissons at the Academy on 01384 253722