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At Pegasus Academy are aim is to limit the number of standard Exclusions that we carry out. We have moved towards a more 'Inclusive Exclusion' strategy, as we feel that this is the most beneficial to our learners.

In the unfortunate event that a learner cannot follow our school expectations, and have not been able to correct their behaviour through our 'Supporting Expectations' program, they will be placed on an 'Inclusive Exclusion' at one of the other Academies in the trust.

While at the other Trust school, they will be placed in Supporting Expectations and given appropriate subject work to complete, just as they would have done if in Supporting Expectations in Pegasus Academy. We believe this strategy is far more effective than a traditional exclusion, as many learners (nationally, not just locally) found exclusions to be less of a punishment, and more of a reward, as they could just go home and get out of school work. However, while the learners may not realise this at the time, the hours they are spending at home and not at school doing work are actually a detriment to their progress, and it will have an impact on their future.

By placing learners on an Inclusive Exclusion, we are still able to reinforce the fact that they have made the wrong choices and need to consider how they need to amend their behaviour to succeed, but most importantly, we are able to ensure they are still receiving the education they are entitled to.

For more information regarding exclusions please click here to view the Trust Behaviour Policy