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Celebrating Success

We will always reward learners when they are doing well, and some of the rewards that they can earn are significant.

The Values Driven Expectations system at Dudley Academies Trust is rewards led.The planner is absolutely central to the system and during every lesson each learner is expected to have their planner open on their desk at the correct page for
that week.

Teachers will seek to reward learners for excellent effort, engagement and commitment to learning. Teachers will stamp merits directly into the learner’s planner in recognition of these positive learning behaviours.

All adults in school will actively seek opportunities to praise. Learners will be rewarded through written or verbal praise, phone calls home, merit stamps and commendations.

Merit Stamps will be awarded for:

  • Excellent/Good effort in class
  • Excellent/Good effort in home learning
  • Positive behaviour
  • 100% attendance
  • 100% punctuality
  • Contributions to school life, such as sport, music or charity
  • Supporting other learners and staff

Commendations (5 merits) will be awarded for:

• Excellent effort over a sustained period of time (4 weeks)

• Doing something that gives their teacher the ‘WOW’ factor!