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Behaviour & Rewards

At Dudley Academies Trust, we believe that the very best learning experience and outcomes are achieved as a result of great support for our students, high levels of teaching skills and the provision of an environment that supports learning. We are therefore investing many £millions in the fabric of our academies and the computing technology that our students need. At the same time, we have been hiring outstanding teaching professionals and school leaders who will ensure that your children have access to learning that inspires them to work hard and progress.

Education, however, is not just about teaching, IT and school buildings. We are guided by a set of values which drive what we do and how we do it. We expect our students to be driven and guided by these values as well.

Working in partnership with parents and carers is key to giving our students the opportunity to reach their full potential. This guide has been created to help us all work together. The aim is to ensure good behaviour in our academies at all times, so that all of our learners can achieve their best in class and come to school with confidence and enthusiasm. It is important that you understand what we expect from your child so that you can help them to live up to these expectations.

I know that there is a lot of detail in this booklet. Some of it is just for your information and some of it is vital to your child succeeding. Please have a read through and keep the booklet for future reference. Lastly, may I wish your child every success during their time with us. I know that all of the staff in our academies will be working as hard as they can to give all of our learners the opportunities that they deserve.

Below you can download a copy of our Values Guides for parents which includes full information on our current behaviour and rewards systems.

Jo Higgins

Chief Executive
Dudley Academies Trust