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COVID-19 Update - 17th March

Dear Parents/ Carers

Re: Coronavirus update (COVID-19) #2

Following the letter dated 16/03/20 regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will aim to provide regular updates regarding actions taken to ensure the health and safety of all our staff and learners. Each Principal will provide a personalised daily update which will be accessible via the academy website at the end of each day.

Vulnerable groups

Given the significant challenge posed by COVID-19, we fully support you in the judgment you make about your child’s health and whether you decide that your child should attend the academy. If your child has a temperature and/or a new, persistent cough, then the guidance is that your child should remain at home. Similarly, if anyone in your household has these symptoms then the guidance is that all members of the household should self-isolate for fourteen days. We are asking everyone to be particularly careful to support any learners who are in a vulnerable groups relating to Type 1 Diabetes, lower levels of immunity or if they are asthmatic or any learners who have siblings and household members in the vulnerable group. The very latest health guidelines can be found via the following link to the NHS website:

Cleanliness of our Estates

I can personally reassure you that each of our academies have plenty of stock onsite to replenish soap, toilet roll and other necessities as required. When stock is running low we encourage learners and staff to report it so that it can be addressed immediately. Our site teams are working hard to ensure that estates are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. All staff have been asked to remain vigilant regarding health and safety matters on site.

In case of closure – How will I be informed?

If a decision is made by the government to close schools we will act immediately. Parents and carers will be informed via a text message home and an update added to the academy and Trust website. Should any parent/carer be unable to collect their child, learners will be contained on site until they are available to do so.

In case of closure – How will my child access online resources?

Learners have been reminded of how to access their online learning platforms and the passwords they use. Each academy will have a different approach to accessing online resources, which will be made available imminently for those learners who are in self-isolation. We are also keen for learners engaging in distance learning to have a structure to their day: As far as possible, they should try to cover their timetabled subjects each day with a particular emphasis on English, mathematics and science. They should also take regular breaks, eat healthily and arrange to talk to friends over the phone where appropriate. We will continue to incentivise the use of Hegarty and Century by tracking learners’ usage and keeping everyone updated on our Century and Hegarty learners’ leaders’ boards.


We are a community and as per our value, respecting each other and our world, we support our staff, learners and parents and carers. Should you require any further guidance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance for your support and patience at this time.

Yours faithfully,

Jo Higgins
Chief Executive

Please see below to download a full copy of this letter.