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COVID-19 Update - 16th March

Dear Parents/ Carers

Re: Coronavirus update (COVID-19)

As you are aware the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus is resulting in changes to how organisations operate and as a result, I have taken the decision to make the following changes to our procedures over the forthcoming weeks. As from today, Monday 16th March, the following procedures will apply:

  • All external school meetings involving visitors to the academy will be cancelled and will be conducted by telephone (with the exception of safeguarding matters).
  • The Senior Leadership Team will conduct any pre-arranged parental meeting by telephone, as opposed to face to face.
  • All parents’ evenings will be cancelled and feedback for parents will be sent by other means, as soon as possible.
  • Reception will be closed to all external visitors, including parents. Any contact with the academy will need to be conducted via email or telephone.
  • All sporting fixtures and trips will be cancelled.
  • All external lettings of school facilities will be cancelled.

These measures are not intended to cause any panic but are simply to minimise the risk of infection and safeguard both the staff and learners of our academies. The focus over the forthcoming weeks is the smooth running of our schools.

In common with all other schools in England, all of the academies within Dudley Academies Trust will continue to follow the guidance from Public Health England and the Department for Education. The current advice, as of Friday 13th March 2020, is that any learner who has a temperature or persistent cough should self-isolate for 7 days. The school will authorise all absences that should arise as a result of this. We shall continue to publish government advice on our websites. The very latest health guidelines can be found via the following link to the NHS website:

It is important that the education of our learners is not disrupted and that we are able to operate as normal for as long as possible. However, contingency plans are already in place for continuing your children’s studies should the academy be asked to close, and we will keep you updated of any further guidance received.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours faithfully
Jo Higgins
Chief Executive