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Impact of our careers programme

We believe it is very important to assess the impact of our careers programme on our learners.  We do this in a number of ways. 

First, we identify and analyse the destinations of our Year 11 learners taking into account their prior attainment.  For Year 11 students, we record pathways including:

• Level 2 courses

• Level 2 apprenticeships

• Level 3 courses including A Levels and T Levels

• Level 3 apprenticeships.

Second, we track learners for three years from the end of Year 11, identifying and reviewing where they leave or change courses/apprenticeships. The proportion of learners going onto Level 3 courses or apprenticeships is tracked over time, taking into account changes in the attainment level of year groups at the end of Key Stage 2. We also analyse sector-based outcomes to ensure our advice is relevant to the jobs available and to ensure that we promote equality of opportunity.

Third, we are keen to get the views of learners on the Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) they received during their five years at school.  We ask all Year 11 learners to complete an on-line survey to find out their views on individual elements of the CEIAG programme and their overall assessment of the programme.  In addition, our Enterprise Advisers (business volunteers who support the school to develop its careers provision) meet representative groups of Year 11 to find out more about what they liked and disliked about the careers programme and ways they believe it can be improved. 

Learner Feedback 

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Fourth, we value the views of parents on how well we have helped them to support their child or children make rational informed career decisions.  This is done using an on-line survey and parents are invited to take part in an annual focus group meeting. 

Parent and Carers Feedback 

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Fifth, business volunteers are asked for their feedback on each individual careers event that they take part in, such as ‘I Love My Job’ talks, a speed networking session or mock interviews.  In addition, the Trust's Lead Trustee for Career Education and the individual academies' Enterprise Advisers evaluate the careers programme from a business viewpoint and collate the views of other business volunteers.

Business, Employers and Alumni Feedback

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Lastly, we survey staff to gather their opinions and experiences.

Staff Feedback 

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We will publish information about the careers programme for learners, parents, teachers and employers to help these groups ‘understand the offer’.