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Distance Learning - Year 11

In the event of closure, it is vitally important that Year 11 students continue the preparation for their GCSE examinations at home. Below is a schedule of home learning that we would like every learner to follow with a key focus on English, mathematics and science. The vast majority of the work available will be through our online learning platforms of Hegarty, Century and GCSEPod. Login information for these sites as well as the Year 11 revision Portal can be found in learner’s planners and has been updated today.

Learners are expected to complete 5, one hour sessions each day as a minimum although we would hope that with the GCSEs fast approaching they are able to complete more. Each day has a minimum of one hour for each of the core subjects of English, mathematics and science alongside  other examination subjects such as History and Geography. Online learning will be monitored by senior staff and learners contacted if there is little or no evidence of work.

If you experience any problems with the learning resources, then you can contact staff using the email address: When emailing please include the full name of the learner, their form group and their date of birth.



Home Learning Tasks

Useful Links


Hegarty - Log in every day to complete tasks set by your teacher that reflect the work you would have done in class. Remember to make video notes, copy examples and complete the quiz for each task.
Smash That Topic - Search Hegarty tasks that reflect your 5 identified topics from Paper 1, 2 and 3. 
Revision Guides - Make notes and complete practice questions based on your 5 Topics to Smash from Papers 1, 2 and 3.


GCSE Pod - 5 Pods set each week based on the Literature texts. Create one page of notes on each Pod. This can be presented in a way that suits your revision e.g mindmaps, notes etc. This can take
Set Lessons - English lessons will be upload daily to ‘Show My Homework’. Please email if you have trouble accessing these.
Century Tech - log in and complete your century ‘Recommended Path’ for English


Century Tech - log in daily and complete your century ‘Recommended Path’ for Science.

GCSE Pod - Log in to GCSEPod and access the topics on each page of your GCSEPod exercise book. Make notes on each pod and answer the questions.
Revision Material - Access revision materials below, make notes and answer practice questions.


Seneca - Work through revision online and answer questions
Examination Subjects (Options)

Revision Material - complete tasks found below for your option subjects



Below we have outlined a timetable that students should follow. We have split the day into 5 sessions and each session should last at least one hour.


Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Monday Maths Science English History / Geography Subject of own choice
Tuesday English Maths Science Examination Subjects Subject of own choice
Wednesday History / Geography Science Maths English Subject of own choice
Thursday Science Examination Subjects English Maths Subject of own choice
Friday Maths English History / Geography Science Subject of own choice

Students should follow their own personal revision schedules at weekends.

Art & Design - Art, Photography & 3D

Instructions – complete the tasks in the document below using A4/A3 paper or a computer if you wish. Make sure to add a much detail as you can including colour. If you are able, you can print off the worksheets and compete the task on the printed sheets.


Use resources below to revise for exam. Complete the practise questions on paper.



You have been set some revision questions relating to the following 3 units of work:

  • Norman England 1066-1100
  • Conflict and Tension 1918-1939
  • America 1920-1973: Opportunity and Inequality

Completing these will help you revise key themes and ideas ahead of your main GCSE exams. 

To help you answer the questions and support your revision in general you have also been set some GCSE POD videos (

You should use the pods, your revision guides and the unit revision powerpoints to complete these questions.

You should also make sure you have made your own revision materials (flash cards etc) and are using these regularly to test your recall of key knowledge.

I’ve also loaded up my pre-made revision cards – don’t just print these though as you will struggle to remember stuff.  Use them – alongside the powerpoints – to make your own revision materials.


Mr Sissons