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Distance Learning - Year 9

Year 9 learners are expected to work from home following the attached timetable. Each session is one hour in length. Learners will need access to the following programmes. Login information has been issue to all learners at school before the closure. This information can be found in learner’s planners. If you are finding it difficult to access any of the programmes listed below then please contact our team by the following email address When emailing please include the full name of the learner, their form group and their date of birth.



Home Learning Tasks

Useful Links


Hegarty - Log in every day to complete tasks set by your teacher that reflect the work you would have done in class. Remember to make video notes, copy examples and complete the quiz for each task.


Work booklet - This can be found on ‘Show My Homework’ or under the ‘English’ section at the bottom of this page. It can be downloaded and completed electronically or by printing it off. Daily tasks to help learners complete their booklets will be uploaded daily to ‘Show My Homework’
Century Tech - Log in to complete nuggets from your ‘Recommended Path’ for English.


Century Tech - Log in daily and complete your century ‘Recommended Path’ for Science.

Work booklet / GCSE Pod – This can be found under the ‘History’ section at the bottom of this page. It can be downloaded and completed electronically or printed off. GCSE Pods are set to support learners in the completion of the booklet sent home.  Learners are to complete set questions each week.


Seneca - Teacher set tasks in line with classwork via Show My Homework
Examination Subjects (Options) Teacher Set Tasks - complete tasks found below for your option subjects  


Below we have outlined a timetable that students should follow. We have split the day into 5 sessions and each session should last at least one hour.


Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Monday Maths Science English History / Geography REVISION - Examination Subjects (Options)
Tuesday English Maths Science Examination Subjects (Options) REVISION - Examination Subjects (Options)
Wednesday History / Geography Science Maths English REVISION - Examination Subjects (Options)
Thursday Science Examination Subjects (Options) English Maths REVISION - Examination Subjects (Options)
Friday Maths English History / Geography Science REVISION - Examination Subjects (Options)


Art & Design

Instructions – complete the tasks in the document below using A4/A3 paper or a computer if you wish. Make sure to add a much detail as you can including colour. If you are able, you can print off the worksheets and compete the task on the printed sheets.


Use resources below to revise for exam. Complete the practise questions on paper.


You have been set some work relating to the Revolution in Medicine Unit you have recently been studying. 

This has been split into 4 weeks of work and you will be set GCSE POD videos to support each week’s focus areas of study (

Each week you will need to watch the GCSE POD VIDEOS (supported by your own additional research) before completing the associated tasks and exam question.

Additional work for later weeks will be loaded up soon.

Good luck – remember your History teachers can be contacted via Show my Homework should you need any help.


Mr Sissons




Complete the past exam paper that is linked below. The sound files for the exam can be found on this link:

The Mark Scheme for the Paper is also below to allow you to check your own answers.

Use the materials below to revise for your exam.


You have been set some work relating to the Sociological Research Methods unit you have recently been studying.  This will help you revisit key themes and ideas ahead of your end of year exams. 

Scans of the textbook (titled by lesson) have been made available as well as whole unit revision powerpoints.

You need to read through the various lesson scans and answer the questions on each as part of your revision work.


Mr Sissons

Sports Studies

Task 1 – If you have access to a computer, go back to your task 1 report, Session plan and risk assessment document. Make changes to improve your work or finish off if needed.

Task 2 – If you have delivered your session, have a go at completing the evaluation table. What did you do well? What did not go so well, and what would you change next time.

Task 3 – Look up the rules and regulations for 2 different sports. One of them must be team and one an individual sport.

Enterprise & Marketing